34 minutes - Stereo - September 1993 - OUT OF PRINT

Originally distributed on cassette in 1993, this material was recorded by Lewis D'Aubin and Kirk Madison in free moments while Lewis toiled as a sound man for several doomed local acts.  C.O.G. did not yet exist as a band, and so different guest musicians were recruited on several tracks.  The lineup on 'Die Barney Die' would be summoned years later to form the first stage incarnation of C.O.G.  Everything was recorded on an eight track analog TOA cassette deck, and mixed through a 16 channel Hill mixer.  This material later saw limited circulation as a demo CD, augmented by early versions of tracks that would later form the backbone of the album, 'Free Brains & Dead Bodies'.  Cover art was drawn by P. Trauth, the animation genius later responsible for Drumbot.

Track listing:
1. Krakatoa
2. Lovekill
3. Krazed Archer
4. Brain Wrap
5. Rabbid
6. Dance or Die
7. Die Barney Die
8. Guitar Annihilation 2001
9. Free Brains

(c) 1993, 1997 by Lewis D'Aubin