Music For Supervillains!
70 minute CD - Stereo - released November 2010

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"The music is a lot of fun. The songs jump between genres, featuring power pop, heavy metal, 80's pop, surf rock, and more, including a really lovely torch song by Dr. Hyde (as in, 'I want to set you on fire with a torch'). Itís all extremely well executed, and catchy as hell (the one-two punch of 'Science Fight' and 'Lab Girl' is pretty irresistible). "
- David Lartigue,

"C.O.G. has a warped and wonderful sense of humor, but, musically, the band is no joke -- the 14 tracks that actually are songs run the gamut of pitch-perfect genre imitations, including the Rush-like opener "I Think Therefore I Rock," the pop-punky "Evil Is Fun," the smooth swing number "Lab Coat" and the '50s-style rocker "Science Fight."
- Alison Fenterstock, The Times Picayune

"Overall this record is fun and highly entertaining." - Brian Serpas, Where Y'at Magazine


Pinkerton's new scheme seems destined to succeed until his own sister barges into the lab!
Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. Formelda-Hyde, Dr. A Rachnid and Dr. Z, this album supplies 14 new songs and a full story in between the tunes!
Cover art by Egypt Urnash

Special Musical Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
Mel Graziano - piano on 'Lab Coat' and 'Everyone Dies (But Me)'
Carl Mack - drums on 'Lab Coat' and 'Everyone Dies (But Me)'
Misty Marshall - background vocals on 'Science Fight'
Sid Noel - monologue on 'Science Fight'
Weston Ganucheau - bass on 'Lab Girl'
Sam Craft - fiddle on 'Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue'
Charlie Brown - harmonica on 'Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue'
Ryan Worthington - jaw harp on 'Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue'
Greg Schatz - upright bass on 'Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue'
Glenn Grass - upright bass on 'Everyone Dies (But Me)'
Matt Brunson - guitar solo on 'Mallet of Metal'
Anstrom - theremin on 'The Creep'
Chris Nail - drums on 'Big Bomb'
Roland Paris - rhythm guitars on 'Big Bomb'
Beth Patterson - choir parts on 'What a Friend We Have In Cthulhu'
Ben Caston - organ on 'What a Friend We Have in Cthulhu'
Chris Flattmann (Love Zombie) - guitars on 'Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue', 'Mallet of Metal', lead vocals on 'Farganargle!'

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. I Think Therefore I Rock
3. chapter 1
4. Lab Coat
5. chapter 2
6. Evil Is Fun
7. chapter 3
8. Too Many Atoms
9. chapter 4
10. Science Fight
11. chapter 5
12. Lab Girl
13. chapter 6
14. Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue
15. chapter 7
16. Everyone Dies (But Me)
17. chapter 8
18. Mallet of Metal
19. chapter 9
20. Do the Creep
21. chapter 10
22. Big Bomb
23. chapter 11
24. Free Bird
25. chapter 12
27. What A Friend We Have In Cthulhu
28. chapter 13
24. Farganargle!
25. outro


(c) 2010 by Lewis D'Aubin

Six years in the making, this album was produced, recorded, and mastered by the band at C.O.G.'s own studio / rehearsal lab in Harahan, Louisiana.  A hard disk recording, it was made using Cakewalk 9 and Cooledit 95, with sound cards by Lexicon and Creative Labs.  During tracking, we used a preamp by Presonus, an analog Mackie mixer, and mics by ElectroVoice, AKG, and Shure.  Guest musicians were once again recruited to star on several cuts.  This time the between-song material was scripted and recorded (very quickly) by the cast, all at different times, and edited together.

We consider this album to be our ultimate achievement... to date!