Drumbot Explodes ver. 11-23-08


Drumbot: Uhhhh, excuse me doctor Pinkerton

Pinkerton: What is it drumbot?

Drumbot: Well, I hate to break this to you, but before you guys got onstage, SOMEBODY in this club reprogrammed my circuits.

Pinkerton: Reprogrammed them to do WHAT precisely?

Drumbot: Reprogrammed them to EXPLODE if I stop drumming for more than one minute!

Pinkerton: WHAT?!??

Drumbot: No time to explain! Let's rock!



Drumbot: So like I was saying, my nuclear batteries will go supercritical if I stop drumming for more than one minute.

Pinkerton: So, WHO did this to you? Can you point them out?

Drumbot: Sorry Dr. Pinkerton, but whoever did it seems to have erased my memory while they were in there!

Pinkerton: Can you suggest a course of action then?

Drumbot: Certainly. Let's rock!




Drumbot: Uhhhh, guys, remember, I'll explode if I stop drumming for more than one minute!


Drumbot: Guys, remember... one minute!



Drumbot: Hey Dr. Pinkerton, would you like me to compute the probability of you being able to survive if I DO explode?

Pinkerton: OK drumbot, compute the probability of us being able to escape the nuclear blast radius if you explode.

Drumbot: Certainly. You'll just escape with your lives if you run as fast as you can... NOW.

The scientists book it out the front door

Drumbot: 49. 48. 47. 46. 45. .... 7.. 6... 5. 4. 3. 2.. are they gone?

Audience responds

Drumbot: Whew, I thought they'd never leave! Well, people give yourselves a hand. YOU helped me defeat the mighty Consortium of Genius!

Audience responds

Drumbot: And now as a special gift, I'd like to thank you all by serenading you with my monster hit ballad from 2003. Hit it boys!


Trixie: Come in control... objective achieved. The anarchy chip worked perfectly!

Elsa: Good work Trixie. I'll relay instructions on a secure channel once you're back at the Secret Lab. Oh, and don't kill them... yet.

Trixie <disappointed>: Affirmative.

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