Radio TerrorScript

Pinkerton: Consider yourself lucky to be here tonight, for tonight we introduce a new invention, designed to demonstrate the power of the C.0.g. <COG!!!!!> We bring you THE RADIO TERRORSCOPE!

The first victim in the Radio Terrorscope’s reign of terror will be your fair city’s beloved weather satellite, the SUPER DOPPLER 6000!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahhaha

Wissenschaft, hand me the VisorScope! Smerlington, switch on the RADIO TERRORSCOPE!!!!! Mooohahahahahahahahaha

step on control

The SUPER DOPPLER 6000 is coming into range! Just a few seconds. You know, other VisorScopes show you images that are up to 15 seconds old! Mooohahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!


Pinkerton: Hello?

Dan Milham: This is Dan Milham with channel 6 weather, home of the SUPER DOPPLER 6000!, just what do you think you’re <CLICK>

Pinkerton: Must have been a wrong number! Oh well, still time to focus the RADIO TERRORSCOPE!!!!!

song starts


Pinkerton: Could SOMEONE please answer that! Gadzooks!!!!




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