COG TV - PILOT shooting session 8/21/05
The shoot for the C.O.G. TV pilot involved a fairly grueling 11 hour session at Southport Hall. Crew were there from 1:30pm setting up everything. Thankfully, our assistant director, Mike Mito, had done enough planning in the days before so things went fairly smoothly once we started rolling.
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The first thing we shoot is the scene with these three 'geniuses' barging into the club - armed and... dangerous?

The stage is all set... the audience take their places. Back screen is a little washed out but it's serviceable, and drumbot looks great with his new projector. We were hoping for a little more stage lighting, but what we had to work with does the job.

Time to shoot the 'hypno broadcast' scene. Glenn Barbarot (Baritone Sax horn zombie) comes through at last minute with a podium from his family's reception hall. Thanks Glenn!

The crew decides what to shoot next. Occasionally there were little pauses in production like this one, which thankfully, afforded us opportunities to eat, breathe, that sort of thing...

Z and Pinkerton line up for lighting, before shooting a concert sequence.

Z and his harem! Belly Dancers file in for the 'Funky Fresh' concert sequence. Big thanks for Diane Flattmann (Yngwie Flattstein's wife!) for calling up her old belly dancing troupe.

Egad! Zombies! The Horn Zombies are ready for their big scene. Will 'Zombie vs. Mardi Gras' Frank, Burgin Sund, and Sheri Branch spent four hours on the zombie makeup, and it came out great.

Egg Yolk Jubilee's three 'rhythm ninjas' (guitar, drums, bass) are ready to shoot their entrance scene, while their bandmates remove the zombie makeup to shoot their concert sequence - the last shot of the night. Fight coordination was by Jason Deas. An exhausting and fun day! Can't wait to get to editing it together...

C.O.G. vs. Egg Yolk Jubilee
or - "A Strange Case of Horn Zombies"

a Consortium of Genius production

Lewis D'Aubin as Dr. Pinkerton
Ed Merilh as Dr. Harry A. Rachnid
Jim Fairchild as Dr. Z
and Drumbot as himself


Egg Yolk Jubilee Music Band
Eric Belletto (trumpet)
Paul Grass (saxophone)
Glenn Barberot (bass saxophone)
Geoff Douville (guitar)
Mike Hogan (bass)
Endre Landsnes (drums)

Guest Starring
Chris Flattmann as Yngwie Flattstein
Dennis Ragas Jr. as News Anchor

Belly dancers compliments of Dance International - 885-0734
Adrienne McLain
Bonnie Bozant
Damita Carter
Maricruz DeLage
Diane Kramer Flattmann
Jonquel Pickney

director - Cosimo Murray
assistant director - Mike Mito
camera and lighting 'A' - Barry Vedros
camera and lighting 'B' - Randy Perez
editor - Lewis D'Aubin
production assistant - Kami Patterson
lights - Jeannine Flores
makeup - Will Frank
makeup assistants - Burgin Sund & Sheri Branch
fight coordinator - Jason Deas
art department - Caesar Meadows and Jim Fairchild
standby painter - Jeannine Flores
prop fabrication - Lewis D'Aubin & Jim Fairchild
grips - Francis Repass & Alex Hill
playback - Farrar Hudkins

Big thanks to C&M Music, Steve Leblanc, and Jude Oliver for the equipment and instrument loans

written by Lewis D'Aubin
script editor Charlie Tumminello

produced by Lewis D'Aubin

(C) 2005 by The Consortium of Genius