Dance Or Die
(c) 1992 by Lewis D'Aubin and Kirk Madison
revised 2002 by Jeff King

Dance or Die

Dance - dance all night
Dance - dance or die!
Let us play your silly game
I want to feel the precious pain
Falling through this masquerade
I want to bathe in acid rave

Dance - dance all night
Dance - dance or die

Love to stay throes delay
love to play until we came
Sinful shame pulsating pain
in the name of all we blame

Your writhing bodies I now want to be possessing
I can't tell whether I am rolling or just x-ing
You can't see what I feel, but I fear I need some more
Let us dance ourselves to death, here on the dance floor

Where we can dance - dance all night
Dance - dance or die!

Tie your hands behind your head
drop dead follow me to bed
Take my hand my wedding band
do exactly as we planned
Take a knife end my life we have played your silly game
Here I lay your smile betrays you remain I'm not to blame

"If you don't dance, you will surely die. And those who do not die will be taken out and experimented upon!"

Like 'Brain Wrap' on the previous CD, this is a re-upholstery of a number off the original C.O.G. cassette - a song that was originally recorded back in 1992. The old version was a really foppish euro disco tune, peppered with great quotes like, "The coat, another Bob Mackie original!" "If we must die, let us die together - here on the dance floor!" and "are you an American?" It was sung by Kirk Madison, from inside a closet (!) where he had ensconsed himself to keep me from cracking him up and spoiling the take. The old version was also entirely synthesizer and drum machine.

This new version was the brainchild of Jeff King, who took the original version and almost completely rearranged it with industrial strength guitar on the choruses - a sort of 'Thrill Kill Kult' approach. Jeff used lots of sounds from his Yamaha DJX, which accounts for the differences in sound in this song on a lot of the drums and keyboards. When this was performed live, a 'D' tuning was used on the guitar and bass to give it an even heavier feel.

Drums...........Jeff King
Guitars.........Jeff King
Bass............Jim Fairchild
Synthesizer.....Jeff King
Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King
Recorded and mixed 2002 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA