They Said I Was Mad
(c) 2012 by Lewis D'Aubin & Joe Panno
Released 5-1-12 on The Fump

They said I was mad
Unrepentantly insane
As if something had broken off
Deep inside my brain
But I'll show them all
Just what a genius can achieve
Without a stupid conscience
Always yanking at your sleeve

They said I was mad!
Demented as could be
Splicing squirrel DNA into a chimpanzee
But I think my fellow students
Lacked the common sense or guts
To create a creature smart enough to
Contemplate its nuts

They said my thought processes were all bad
They said I was MAD
They claimed my life would just make others sad
They said I was MAD
They thought I would be worse than my granddad
They said I was Mad
Is this idea the worst I've ever had?
But they said I was Mad
Yes, they said I was Mad

guitar solo

They said I was mad!
Madder than hell
Crazier than fishing in a wishing well
Off of my rocker! Mendacious and mean
Madder than a hatter
In a Mad magazine

Loco! Unhinged! Irrational and crazed
If you knew the thoughts that I was thinking you would be amazed
Because from the right perspective two plus two can make thirteen
Your stupid minds can't understand the genius that I've seen

They tried to stop all I'd carefully planned
They said I was MAD
Forbade me to reanimate this hand
They said I was MAD
They burned my books and tried to have me banned
And then they planned to have me canned

What? They said I was Mad!

theremin solo

They said I was mad
Crazy as a loon
The kind of guy who'd try to carve his name into the moon
But I'll show them all just who's out of his mind
The academic world can kiss my studious behind!

They said I was mad
And then they abducted me
They locked me in this room and then they threw away the key
They said a straightjacket was exactly what I needed
If it weren't for those fools I would have certainly succeeded

They labelled my life's work truly insane
They said I was mad
They flushed my whole career right down the drain
They said I was mad
Right off the rails just like a crazy train
They said I was mad
I lost my mind but they can't have my brain
They said I was mad
They said I was mad
They said I was mad
Do you think Iím mad? (you're beyond mad)
Do you think Iím mad? (well, you certainly look the part)
Do you think Iím mad? (we know you're mad)
Well, it is not I who am crazy - it is I who am MAD!
(they were right, you know.)

Mad? MAD?!! ME?! 'THEY' don't know what THEY are talking about!

We hope you all enjoy our expert perspective on the very benchmark of the condition we refer to as dementia: the collective mind of the Consortium of Genius!

This song started as most do with a very sketchy drum groove, a vocal, and the barest hint of a bassline. Half a year later, we finally got serious about this when I came up with a verse and Joe Panno came up with a 'Rage Against the Machine' style riff to propel it. I set about writing a very self-conscious set of lyrics designed to be as 'in character' as possible for Dr. Pinkerton

When the song was almost finished, I cast about on Facebook and elsewhere for some crowd-sourced cameo vocals, answering the question "Do you think I'm mad?" (similar to what we had done on Zombie Apocalypse BBQ a couple years earlier.) The best three submitted snippets were chosen and incorporated into the mix near the end, with Farrar Hudkins providing a very memorable tag to the entire affair at the very end.

I had originally wanted a guitar solo for the middle, but Chris was at a loss to provide something appropriate, and I ended up doing something on my Theremin reminiscent of the solo from 'Bulls On Parade'. Got something I was VERY happy with in just one take!

The song was released on The Fump and became VERY popular in the Demented Music community, getting a play on the legendary Doctor Demento show, and subsequently enjoying a record 26 weeks at the top of, appropriately enough the Mad Music Archive!

Guitars.........Joe Panno, Chris Lenox
Bass............Jim Fairchild
Synthesizer.....Billy Riecke
Trumpet.........Farrar Hudkins
Trombone........Rin Medico
Theremin........Lewis D'Aubin Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin, Barbie Cure
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Barbie Cure
Special guests..Benjamin Bruinooge, Gil Jagot, Cory Callender
Recorded and mixed May 2012 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA