I Think Therefore I Rock
(c) 2008 by Lewis D'Aubin

I Think Therefore I Rock mp3

I think - think that I am
And therefore I am - am ready to rock
I'll rock - rock you apart
Like Rene Descartes - I know that I can

My philosophy is real simple
Gonna squeeze your brain like a pimple
Gonna blow your mind - cause that's what I do!
My philosophy is straightforward
Takin' my guitar - and aim it at you!

I think - I think that I will
Ready to rip - willing to kill
I'll thrill - like Cecil DeMille
Except unlike him - I'm rockin you still!

My philosophy is titanic
Send your kernel into a panic
Got a mind to turn your brain inside out
My approach to life is loud and strong
Jamming with the boys, we rock it till dawn


This machine is clean and I've oiled it
Time to fish your brain from the toilet
Now it's mine I think you'll think like I do

Cogito Ergo Sum
My pleasure is your doom
Now here's five words for you

I think therefore I rock
I think therefore I rock
I think therefore I rock
I think therefore Iroc
I think therefore I rock
I think therefore I rock
I think therefore I rock
Think think think rock rock rock

This song was written as a tip of the hat to another local band, Supagroup. The way I remember it is, I woke up with the basic idea in my head, and didn't have a firm idea of what it was about until I visited The Saint to see a performance by Rock City Morgue and ran into Chris Lee, lead singer of Supagroup. I immediately told him that I had written a song in his favorite style, and when I returned home I had figured out the rest of the thing. Within a week I had a crummy keyboard version of the song demoed and the band quickly set about to learn it. Dr. Rachnid contributed a tasty guitar break before the solo and the song was ready to rock!

This song has quickly become our standard opening number due to its energy and self-contained 'mission statement' of rocking while thinking. The song's also in the right key for me to play on a open-tuned guitar, which doesn't hurt the image or sound! The recording of this song features Rachnid's girlfriend's snare drum and my prized Blue Oyster Cowbell. Billy Riecke provided the last minute icing on the cake late summer of 2010 with his keyboard part. Genius!

Drums..................Lewis D'Aubin
Guitars................Ed Merilh
Lead vocals............Lewis D'Aubin
Bass...................Jim Fairchild
Keyboards..............Billy Riecke
Backing vocals.........Lewis D'Aubin, Ed Merilh, Jim Fairchild
Recorded and mixed Summer 2010 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, New Orleans LA