All About the Wookiee
(c) 2013 by Lewis D'Aubin, Chris Lenox and Jim Fairchild
Released 10-1-13 on The Fump

It's all about the wookiee
It's all about the wookiee
It's all about the wookiee
So give it up for Chewie

It's all about the wookiee
It's all about the wookiee
It's all about the wookiee
Let's give it up for Chewie

In the city of New Orleans not so long ago
There were these three drunken nerds with really nothing to show
But they had a crazy notion in two thousand and ten
So that Mardi Gras would never be the same again

They took a bunch of bikes and some paper mache
And combined them all with lights in imaginative ways
Until on March 6 they started a tremendous parade
And when they rolled down the street the people started to wave, and yell


As they rolled down the street the crowd continued to cheer
Ghetto Fett was on his hoverbike swigging a beer
It was dispensed by Bar2D2 cause that's how he rolled
Next to Ooola who was dancing round her portable pole

The king was Peter Mayhew, yeah Chewbacchus himself
And he raised a mighty toast to everybody's health
Ya know it takes an British brew to quench a wookiee's thirst
Don't believe me ask the legions of the 501'st ya'll


Is it all about Star Wars? Hell yeah!
Is it all about Star Trek? Hell yeah!
Is it all about Doctor Who? Who yeah!

Is it all about Twilight? Hell no!
Is it all about Potter? Hell no!
Is it all about Bilbo? Well... maybe it is a little bit about Bilbo, but anyway



You would not believe the nerdish drunken revelry
It was aliens and droids far as the eye could see
Not just humans, there were creatures in all sizes and shapes
Zombies, unicorns and mutants, even Planet of the Apes

At the end of the street a massive party awaited
They paraded through the door and then they celebrated
Cause they knew in their hearts the lesson of this rhyme
That Chewbacchus would continue to the end of time


This song grew very quickly out of an invitation from Ryan Ballard to contribute to the compilation album put out by and for his increasingly infamous Krewe of Chewbacchus

It started as a simple drum groove and rap by myself, but quickly took on a 'Chili Peppers' feel as the guitar and bass were added. Keyboards leant the song a Meters kind of vibe as it grew more musically satisfying. The key change in the solo furthered the differences between this and our other recent funk groove 'They Said I Was Mad'...

The song basically documents the founding of the group Chewbacchus, the most geeked-out Mardi Gras marching krewe in the city of New Orleans! The Consortium of Genius has had the pleasure of playing for this great krewe every year since their founding.

Recording this tune was a treat, as it was a good first test of the classic '53 Fender Champ I had just finished rebuilding. Chris recorded his black Stratocaster through that great little amplifier for all rhythm and solo tracks. Bass was recorded as usual through the Trace Elliot and the keyboards were the Nord Lead (Ben re-recorded the keyboards at home and mailed me a finished track once he was finally satisfied... he's a tough customer!) The finishing touch was getting Barbie back in the studio one last time to record her backing vocals... she had gone on hiatus from the band back in June but this was an easy contribution as we had not yet cast our new female vocalist.

Guitars.........Chris Lenox
Bass............Jim Fairchild
Synthesizer.....Ben Caston
Lead vocals.....Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Barbie Cure
Recorded and mixed October 2013 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA