14 minutes - stereo - color - June 1999

This video was actually begun when Dr. Wissenschaft was still in the band!  Upon his departure, a quick rewrite and reshoot converted this video into its final form.  This infomercial contains introductions to Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Filbert Snodgrass, as well as dissertations on some of C.O.G.'s greatest inventions - The Mezmoronic Ray, The Radio Terrorscope, and of course The Time Door.  It also contains edited live versions of Bow 2 Me, I Scream / Science Party, Brain Wrap, and Black Plague, replete with cameo appearances by Krazed Archer, the Brain Being, and Kyle Archer, news anchor of Channel 17 and distant relative to the aforementioned unfortunate arrow victim.


Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - Lewis D'Aubin
Dr. A Pentatonic - Jeff King
Filbert Snodgrass - Chris Flattmann
Kyle Archer - Charlie Tumminello
Krazed Archer - Charlie Tumminello
Brain Alien - Amy Enyart
Script: Charlie Tumminello
Camera: Lewis D'Aubin, Jeannine Flores, Jude Oliver
Editing: Lewis D'Aubin
Sound: Lewis D'Aubin

Video was shot with Sony analog 8mm camcorder, analog transferred to MJPEG video using an Iomega Buz, and edited in Premiere 4. Studio footage was recorded directly from camera to hard disk via the Buz. Sound was posted in Cakewalk 6 and CoolEdit. Video was eventually mastered to digital 8 tape using Digital Origin IntroDV.

(c) 1999 by The Consortium of Genius