C.O.G. Episode 3:

5 minutes - mono - black and white - June 2000

Ostensibly a government produced newsreel cautioning the public about the Consortium of Genius, this short film was actually an excellent introduction to the band, and was shown in front of live lectures for the next few months.  It was also entered into a couple of small video contests, winning applause, laughter, and many confused expressions.


Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - Lewis D'Aubin
Dr. A Pentatonic - Jeff King
Filbert Snodgrass - Chris Flattmann
Music store clerk - Chuck
Narrator - Jim Fairchild
Disembodied hand - Cosimo Murray
Script: Lewis D'Aubin
Camera: Lewis D'Aubin, Chris Flattmann
Editing: Lewis D'Aubin
Sound: Lewis D'Aubin

Video was shot with a Sony digital 8 camcorder, analog transferred to MJPEG video using an Iomega Buz, and edited in Premiere 4. Video was degraded using Quicktime 'old film' filter in Premiere 5. Sound was posted in Cakewalk 7 and CoolEdit. Video was mastered to digital 8 tape using Digital Origin IntroDV.

(c) 2000 by The Consortium of Genius