C.O.G. Episode 4:

50 minutes - stereo - color - November 2001

Filmed over the course of several live lectures in 2001, C.O.G. Home Video depicts the results of Dr. A's possession by Damien Storm - and a night of live lab-rock as only the C.O.G. can deliver.  Cover art by Vance Kelly. It includes live audience experimentation, time travel, and the following songs:

Bow 2 Me - live
Android Woman - live
Brain Wrap - live
LoBoToMy - live
I Scream - music video


Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - Lewis D'Aubin
Dr. A Pentatonic - Jeff King
Dr. Z - Jim Fairchild
Yngwie Flattstein - Chris Flattman
'you rule' dude - Steve Leblanc
Damien Storm - himself
Drumbot - itself
Extras - Jude Oliver, Debbie Franklin, John 'Red' Mastrotta
Script: Lewis D'Aubin
Camera: Jim Fairchild, Jeannine Flores, Brian Duke, Jeff King, Jude Oliver, Lewis D'Aubin
Editing: Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King, Jim Fairchild
Sound: Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King

Video was shot with Sony digital 8 camcorders, digitally converted to MJPEG video and edited in Premiere 4. Sound was posted in Cakewalk 9 and CoolEdit. Video was mastered to digital 8 tape using Digital Origin IntroDV.

(c) 2001 by The Consortium of Genius