C.O.G. Episode 5:

30 minutes - stereo - color - August 2002

Filmed on location in our vast hidden Secret Laboratory, the gleaming alloy C.O.G. Aircar, Stonehenge in Wales, England, (and entirely coincidentally, our brand new chromakey soundstage), C.O.G. vs. The Phantom chronicles the Consortium of Genius's disasterous attempt to master the power of the Lost Book of the Dead.  This 30 minute adventure includes the 'I Scream' music video from the last episode, as well as some instrumental versions of classic heavy metal C.O.G. cuts.

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - Lewis D'Aubin
Dr. A Pentatonic - Jeff King
Dr. Z - Jim Fairchild
The Demon - Ross Karpleman
Damien Storm - himself
Drumbot - itself
Extras - Jude Oliver, Debbie Franklin, John 'Red' Mastrotta
Script: Lewis D'Aubin
Camera: Jim Fairchild, Jeff King, Lewis D'Aubin
Editing: Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King, Jim Fairchild
Sound: Lewis D'Aubin

Video was shot with Sony digital 8 camcorders, digitally converted to DV video and edited in Premiere 4 which still kicks ass and doesn't suck like Premiere 6. Sound was posted in Cakewalk 9 and CoolEdit. Output to tape using Pinnacle DV500.

(c) 2002 by The Consortium of Genius