Brain Wrap
(c) 1991 by Kirk Madison and Lewis D'Aubin


The brain - it's between your ears
Finally here
In effect what you suckas fear
It's in your head, born and bred
If you didn't have a brain you'd probably be brain dead
Situated below the cerebral cortex
Next to the cerebellum, cold in effect
Is the medulla and I'm not foolin'
Frontin' and grillin', chillin' and coolin' in Compton!
Hangin' in tha home hood
You need a brain if you wanna make good
Crips at my crib stagin' a drive-by
Homey's in tha corner on crack you know he's brain fried
I pulled a nine millimeter and told 'em to stop
Shots rang out, one of them killed a cop
I proceeded to aim and shoot ya boy in the face
You know a brain is a terrible thing to waste

Yo! I'm a lyrical poet
The rhymes are in my brain just in case you didn't notice
I'm on tha mic throwin' a dope rhyme
Def enuf to make you all go blind
Mastering tha beat with my cold crush posse
I'd make a rhyme here but nothing rhymes wit' posse
That's cause my brain was trained by tha maestro
James Brown, a man I think we all know
With the girlies sittin' in the front row
I'm gettin' bizay after tha show
Kissin' and touchin' and strokin' her gently
In my Mercedes, Lexus or Bentley
Or any of tha other cars that I own
Except for my bodyguard we'll be alone
He won't hear us cause he is so def
Paid to protect you, his name is Big Jeff
That night we go to a party
Everybody's there Oh lawdy
Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, and my man Michael Jackson,
Quincy Jones, Wayne Newton, even Jesse Jackson!
I hypnotize them with my brain power
Bustin' a rhyme gettin' richer by tha hour
And why not cause they paid me to come here
The rhymes flow from my mouth to your ear
They enter your brain and cause a reaction
A dope beat called a brain contraction
I'll make you dance till you suckas get sore feet
Your brain can't handle this stupid fresh bass beat
Harder than hammer, colder than Ice T
Like a man with no arms you can't touch me, WORD.

In college, I failed Calculus class something like 4 times. These lyrics were written in calculus class. Coincidence? I think not!

The backing track on this song was originally a lot faster... in fact, originally, it was a repeating riff based on 'Master and Servant' by Depeche Mode. Kirk and I had originally done this to make fun of Kirk's girlfriend at the time, who actually liked bands like Depeche Mode and Lords of the New Church.

That idea was quickly thrown out the window when we discovered that slowing down the tape made the vocals sound more 'urban' - plus, I wanted a more hip-hop drumbeat. So I put together a new backing track, based on sounds from my Alesis SR-16 drum machine and an old Roland MT-32 synth module that some band had left at my house. Sampling was just becoming really popular at the time, so I made up a 4 bar snippet on another tape and sampled it into my ART Multiverb, which had a simple one-shot sample function that was good for about 4 seconds max. I also sampled the word 'brain' and ran it through my DOD digital delay set at various regen levels, and dropped that all over the track. (If you listen carefully, you can hear the 'brain' sample in the background every time the word 'brain' is mentioned in the lyrics.)

Finally, I needed some authentic turntable scratching, so I hooked up my faithful JVC turntable, apologized to it for what I was about to do, and looked for a record I didn't mind tearing up. That ended up being a 'Bronski Beat' record that somebody had left in my stack. I think I did pretty good for somebody who had never 'scratched' before! At very least, it's completely ridiculous sounding.

Drums...........Lewis D'Aubin
Synthesizer.....Lewis D'Aubin
Lead vocals.....Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin & Kirk Madison
Recorded and mixed 1991 at Lewis's Parents' living room, Harahan LA