(c) 1992 by Kirk Madison and Lewis D'Aubin


Born at the crack of doom it rose from the depths of hell
Voraciously devouring the minds and souls of men and women
With its deadly spell
It's reign of terror ended centuries ago entombed by stone and clay
Alive or dead if it's hungry instead pray it's not around today

Rabbid - he'll bite off your head
Rabbid - you'll wish you were dead
Rabbid - he knows where you are
Rabbid - your home or your car

A molten mind of metal it's everything you fear
Razor edge teeth of shining steel tall sharp pointed ears
It tracks your trail of terror like rats drawn to the kill
Drawing you to its darkness bloodlust its only thrill

Rabbid - he knows what you fear
Rabbid - will chew off your ear
Rabbid - he knows where you live
Rabbid - he's got pain to give

Mind of a killer head of a squirrel
If you see him coming you'll probably hurl
He'll chew off your head and spit out your brain
And then after that he'll laugh at your pain

It comes to life in the dead of night and roams the land to feed
Blood enough to satisfy any other rodent won't fulfill what this beast needs
Drawn to the dangerous parts of town it hunts for the flesh it craves
The bloody heart it devours first each twisted skull it saves

Rabbid - hates sentient life
Rabbid - it's armed with a knife
Rabbid - will bite off your hand
Rabbid - you don't understand
Rabbid - it doesn't play fair
Rabbid - they're everywhere man

By 1992, my sole bandmate Kirk was in college at U.T. of Austin and not available for practice very often, so naturally we relished every opportunity we could get to jam! Late that fall, Kirk was in town and we collaborated on this. I wanted to write something heavy, something about a fearsome metal beast like on the old Judas Priest album covers. At the time, my family had a large grey lop-eared bunny rabbit that would lounge around the yard and generally try to emulate our dachshund. So that (and Monty Python's 'Holy Grail') became the basis for these lyrics.

I programmed the beat and synth sounds on my faithful old Ensoniq ESQ-1, driving my modified Roland TR-505 drum machine. Kirk performed the song on his Flying 'K' guitar through his Rockman, then quickly departed for Austin, leaving me to finish the song later that week. Bass was originally provided by synthesizer, until my friend Keith Casebonne, who would later become the first guitarist in the stage version of C.O.G., introduced me to his friend, a multi-instrumentalist named Brad Schayot. Brad stopped by my house and played a complex slap part on this otherwise simple metal (?) song.

When it came time to do the vocals, I was nervous... I had never sung before, so I decided to doubletrack my vocals. Not one to make things easy on myself, I decided to track one vocal in a low, gravelly register, and the other vocal two octaves up. The result sounds quite horribly stupid, exactly the sound I sought!

Drums...........Lewis D'Aubin
Synthesizer.....Lewis D'Aubin
Guitars.........Kirk Madison
Bass............Brad Schayot
Lead vocals.....Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin
Recorded and mixed 1992 at Lewis's Parents' living room, Harahan LA