Bucket O' Blood
(c) 2001 by Lewis D'Aubin

Bucket of Blood

Now gather 'round me mateys
Don't give your Captain lip
We're lost upon the bloody waves on this vampirate ship
Don't want to hear no protests
No screams and all that crud
Just take your drink because I think we've one last bucket o' blood

Oh! Bucket O' Blood! Drink it down! Careful not to spill
The first mate looks anemic and the men are feeling ill
So drink your last vampirates and enjoy it while it's good
If we can't find land then by my hand there'll be no more buckets of blood

There'll be no... more... buckets of... BLOOD!!!

"Well avast me swabs and shiver me timbers!"

Here's the shortest song I ever wrote! Believe it or not, this was written for a WEDDING - the only wedding C.O.G. has ever performed at! It took place in the fall of 2001 between two of our biggest fans, Jude and Debbie Oliver. I'd been threatening to write this song for years, egged on by Jude's insistance that the song be called 'BucketS of Blood'. Seems like one bucket just isn't enough for some vampirates! But one bucket, one verse, and one chorus is all you get.

The song is really performed twice in this recording, first in a 'Gilbert and Sullivan' style, then in a Misfits fashion. The 'Gilbert and Sullivan' part was recorded by the whole band in several passes, with Liz Streckfus contributing a lovely soprano. The punk part was augmented by real drum parts performed by Billy Bones of Antarctica vs. the World, and bass parts played by Sean Yseult on her wonderful sounding coffin shaped Schecter.

This was the second song from 'In C.O.G. We Trust' to be played on Dr. Demento, on January 16, 2005.

Drums...........Billy Bones
Guitars.........Jeff King
Bass............Sean Yseult
Trumpet.........Eric Belletto
Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King, Jim Fairchild, Elizabeth Streckfus
Recorded and mixed Spring 2004 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA