Dance Or Die
(c) 1992 by Lewis D'Aubin and Kirk Madison


"Welcome to Club Tyson!"

Dance - dance all night Dance - dance all day
You're so sexy... cause I'm X-ing
Dance - dance all night Dance - dance or die

The motion is unending, you fear being untrendy
"The coat! Another Bob Mackie original!"

Let us play your silly game
I want to feel the precious pain
Falling through this masquerade
I want to bathe in acid rave

Dance - dance all night Dance - dance or die

Love to stay throes delay
love to play until we came
Sinful shame pulsating pain
in the name of all we blame

Dance - dance all night
Your body is revolving, your will is dissolving

Dance - dance all night
Dance - dance or die

Your body is suspended in a vat, upended

synth solo

Dance - dance all night
Dance - dance or die

"If we must die, let us die together, here on the dance floor."

"Androgyny - is it a crime?"

Tie your hands behind your head
drop dead follow me to bed
Take my hand my wedding band
do exactly as we planned
Take a knife end my life we have played your silly game
Here I lay your smile betrays you remain I'm not to blame

Dance - dance all night

"This music is revolting"

Dance - dance or die

"Let us join in the revolution"

Dance - dance all night

"Are you an American?"


This song was an attempt by Kirk and I to record the gayest sounding Euro techno disco song EVER. I programmed this on the ESQ-1, driving the Roland TR-505, which was heavily processed through EQ and various reverbs. The keyboard solo was performed at 75% speed on the black keys, and improv'd completely on the first take. Best solo I ever wrote. The word 'dance' was sampled with distortion from Kirk's Rockman into the ART Multiverb one-shot sampler, and put down to tape on a separate track.

While recording this, we decided that Kirk had a better grasp of the required vocal tone (and he was a better singer than me at this point), so I set up a mic and he tried recording. Unfortunately, the lines we were coming up with were so ridiculous that we kept cracking each other up. The only solution was for Kirk to ensconse himself in the closet with the mic and the remote for the tape machine. I left the room and came back in an hour - the result was perfect.

We spent the rest of the evening making up ridiculous background lines that are heard between the verses. By the time we got to "Are you an American?" we couldn't stop laughing, but fortunately, it was also the end of the song.

Drums...........Lewis D'Aubin
Synthesizers....Lewis D'Aubin
Lead vocal......Kirk Madison
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin
Recorded and mixed 1992 at Lewis's parents' living room, Harahan LA