I Have the Power
lyrics & music (c) 2003 by Lewis D'Aubin

I Have the Power

I've come here from a distant place to stare at each and every face
Of you, the trite and commonplace who watch my every move
I stand before you on this stage to dip my quill and script a page
Of history, outside the cage that I've prepared for you

You want to know what is it I do to command your ear and eye?

Well I have the power
Over what you do
Contained within my show tonight are all your dreams come true

Now I come from a lengthy line all highly cultured and refined
A mix of mortal and divine who walked upon the earth
I stand here now to make my mark, like lightning lighting up the dark
With cosmic forces that did spark the moment of my birth
(What a moment!)

There's nothing anyone can do, I want to warn each one of you that

I have the power
Over all of you
Contained within this brain of mine are all your dreams... STOP DOING THAT!!! (SORRY!)

Do you have the power? - I believe I have the power!
Are you sure you have the power? - Well I thought I had the power!
And do you deserve the power? - I don't know! But
Give me... give me THE POWER!

guitar solo

But does my power truly enslave you? Untrue!
No special force, or strange ability
What secret magic power do you each possess?
The power of your gullibility!

Oh yes, you have the power
Over what you do
Contained within your pointed little heads are all your dreams come true, true true...

Whoa, whoa, yes you know you do you have the power
A voice, a chance, a choice to pick and choose
With hearts, and minds up your behinds
And megabucks to lose...

"I have discovered a strange Power... and though I am not at liberty to reveal the exact nature of this majestic Power, I can state with regal authority that I shall now use The Power to elevate the Consortium of Genius to the same status as that of a king or Queen!"

This is our big bad bombastic 'Queen' parody (the bad 80's Queen, mind you, NOT the great 70's Queen!) ripping off such things as 'I Want It All' and 'Princes of the Universe'. A gargantuan goal, and I'm very proud of this song/recording!

Conceived way back in 1998 during a jam session with my old writing buddy Kirk Madison, the chorus for this song ran around in my brain until March 2003, by which time the C.O.G. finally possessed enough musical firepower to make it happen, and at that point it happened very quickly. It really took a lot of takes to get the lead vocals to sound like that; but the background vocals were actually easier than I thought they'd be. This is one of those songs that forced me to improve my own abilities!

For drums I tapped my old friend Roddy Ory, who years before was drummer/lead vocalist in a progressive pop band that actually performed live covers of Queen songs - including the difficult 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. These guys actually performed the middle of the song, which even Queen never actually did live (they used tape!) After laying down wonderful Roger Taylor-esq licks on his beautiful brand new Pacific drumset, Roddy insisted on augmenting the background vocals - he added some really high notes!

For the guitar solo, I once again chose Chris Flattmann, who played an actual Burns Red Special 'Brian May' guitar, leant to us for the occaision by Ritchie Champagne.

Rhythm guitars were laid down by Jeff King through his new POD XT, and bass was performed by Jim Fairchild through his Johnson J-Station, which we recorded via coaxial SPDIF.

Drums...........Roddy Ory
Guitars.........Jeff King
Bass............Jim Fairchild
Piano...........Lewis D'Aubin
Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin & Roddy Ory
Recorded and mixed 2003 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA (drums recorded in St. Rose)