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The Consortium of Genius(TM): "The Science of Evil"

"In the beginning, there was Evil.
Then Evil created Good.
Then someone said, 'Let there be death!'" -The Evil One

We shall begin our study of evil with some basic concepts. Observe--



 Flowers are good

 Skulls are evil.


 Happy Guy

 Happy guys are good.

 Dead guys are evil.


 Married Couple

Loving couples are good.

 Frozen couples are evil.

 Frozen Couple

 Yellow-Green Car

 Little yellow cars are cute.

Nuclear powered
cars are not.

 Red Future Car

 Goodyear Blimp

 Blimps are nice.

Tanks, however, scream....



 Space rockets are good.

 Exploding rockets are evil.

 Exploding Rocket


 Bugs are cool.

 Genetically altered bugs:

 Scary Bug!


 Dancers are good.

 OK, you're on your own
with this one!
HINT: His middle name
is Evil........


You've done far.
The next page is 17% more difficult!