You claim that you are not evil.

Of course, you could very well be evil, and you just
clicked on the no button to express how evil you really are.

Regardless, you could use a bit of a refresher on
the Science of Evil.

In just a few minutes, you will be catapulted... no, launched
into the warped world of evil science, a world created by the
Consortium of Genius(TM),better know as the COG!
To help you to study for this mental upgrade,
you are required to memorize the next
few pages that will come your way.
Sharpen a pencil. Clear your MIND.
Don't worry. Your friends will never notice the difference!

Oh, and if you think you can just go back to the previous
screen and click on the yes button to bypass all this,
your computer will burst into flames!

(click here to begin your torture...ahem...lessons)






(If you don't get it, go away!)