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All I Wanna Do Is You
Black Plague
Brain Wrap
Dance Or Die
Death to the Angel of Death
Die Barney Die
Krazed Archer
Love Kill
March of the Skeletons
So Confuse


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All I WannaDo Is You
(c) 1997 by Lewis D'Aubin

It comes along just maybe once in your life
There's a time when there is nothing to do
Try to believe it are you close enough to feel it
When all you wanna do is screw
Let's get down to it cause I really wanna do it
I really wanna nail it through
What I am saying through these words I am conveying
Is all I wanna do is you

All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you
All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you

Whisper to breathe it say the word and I'll believe it
That there's nothing you would rather do
That special feeling baby on my knees I'm kneeling
And only I can give it to you
Our bodies pressing pretty soon you'll be undressing
Like an animal right outta the zoo
Mystic connection like a man in an election
Cause all I wanna do is you

All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you
All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you

guy: I heard it in your heart...
girl: and you felt it in my soul
guy: I prayed to the goddess of rock and roll!
both: And you're the only one with whom I wanna lose control
It's true... when I'm doin' you

And in the morning when your form you'll be adorning
With finest silken scarves of blue
It's your conclusion, it was only an illusion
A memory you'll never rue
My letter clutching it's yourself you will be touching
It's the only thing remaining for you
Just like I told ya there'll be someone else to hold ya
When another band rocks into your view

And all they'll wanna do All they'll wanna do
All they'll wanna do is you
All they'll wanna do All they'll wanna do
All they'll wanna dooooooooo...
is you

(c) 1994 by Lewis D'Aubin and Kirk Madison

On a throne sits the king
Not afraid of any living thing
Contentedly munching on a hard boiled egg
Suddenly, he catches the plague

Black Plague!
Black Plague!
Black Plague!

Across the battlefield I crawl
My balls are against the wall
Do I have to scream and beg
OhMyGawd, it's crawling up my leg

Black Plague!
Black Plague!
Black Plague!

Breathe deep, the festering air
First thing to go will be your hair
Soon your brain begins to rot;
Then your arms fall off! You know what you've got?

Black Plague!
Black Plague!
Black Plague!

All the signs say the end is near
The dread comet has reappeared
Headless corpses roam the land
Cancel your vacation plan!

You've got the plague!
Black Plague!
Black Plague!


(c) 1991 by Lewis D'Aubin

The brain - it's between your ears
Finally here
In effect what you suckas fear
It's in your head, born and bred
If you didn't have a brain you'd probably be brain dead
Situated below the cerebral cortex
Next to the cerebellum, cold in effect
Is the medulla and I'm not foolin' ya
Frontin' and grillin' chillin' and coolin' in Compton
Hanging in the home hood
You need a brain if you wanna make good
Crips at my crib stagin' a drive-by
Homey's in the corner on crack you know he's brain fried
I pulled a nine millimeter and told 'em to stop
Shots rang out and one of them killed a cop
I proceeded to aim and shoot ya boy in the face
You know a brain is a terrible thing to waste

Yo! I'm a lyrical poet
The rhymes are in my brain just in case you didn't notice
I'm on the mic throwin' a dope rhyme
Def enuf to make you all go blind
Mastering the beat with my cold crush posse
I'd make a rhyme here but nothing rhymes with posse
That's cause my brain was trained by the maestro
James Brown, a man I think we all know
With the girlies sittin' in the front row
I'm gettin' busy after the show
Kissin' and touchin' and strokin' her gently
In my Mercedes or my Bentley
Or any of the other cars that I own
Except for my bodyguard we'll be alone
He won't hear us cause he is so def
Paid to protect you and his name is big Jeff
That night we go to a party
Everybody's there Oh Lordy
Mike Tyson Michael Jordan and my man Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones Wayne Newton even Jesse Jackson
I hypnotize them with my brain power
Bustin' a rhyme gettin' richer by the hour
And why not cause they paid me to come here
The rhymes fly from my mouth to your ear
They enter your brain and cause a reaction
A def beat called a brain contraction
I'll make you dance till you suckas get sore feet
Your brain can't handle the furious bass beat
Harder than Hammer colder than Ice T
Like a man with not arms you can't touch me

Dance Or Die
(c) 1992 by Lewis D'Aubin & Kirk Madison

Welcome to Club Tyson

Dance - dance all night Dance - dance all day

Let us play your silly game I want to feel the precious pain
Falling through this masquerade I want to bathe in acid rave

Your body is revolving, your will is dissolving

Dance - dance all night Dance - dance or die

Love to stay throes delay love to play until we came
Sinful shame pulsating pain in the name of all we blame

Dance - dance all night

Your body is suspended in a vat, upended

Tie your hands behind your head drop dead follow me to bed
Take my hand my wedding band do exactly as we planned
Take a knife end my life we have played your silly game
Here I lay your smile betrays you remain I'm not to blame

Death to the Angel of Death
(c) 1996 by Lewis D'Aubin and Chris Flattmann

There are those who fear the end
Fear the fatalistic trend
I am one who won't follow the crowd
I say Death Be Not Proud!

Death Death
Death Death
Death Death
Death to the Angel of Death

Those who say he cannot be killed
Simply lack the defensive skill
Yell it out with an angry sound
Sayin' "Death, your goin' down!"

Death Death
Death Death
Death Death
Death to the Angel of Death

Death is coming, the end is near
Grab a gun put away the fear
Pull the trigger and blow him away
Death, this is YOUR dying day!

Death Death
Death Death
Death Death
Death to the Angel of Death

You've succeeded where others failed
Your own life you have availed
Then you breath your final breath
You've become the new Angel of Death!

Death Death
Death Death
Death Death
Death to the Angel of Death

Death Death
Death Death
Death to the Angel of...

Die BarneyDie
(c) 1993 by Lewis D'Aubin

Gonna have some fun today
Grab your rifle pack your bag
Load your shotgun start the car
Gonna hunt a dinosaur

Die Barney die Die Barney die
Die Barney die don't ask why
That big purple dinosaur is going to fry

Gonna have a monster feast
Gonna cook a real big beast
Meat you can't find in a store
Gonna kill a dinosaur

Slice yourself a slimy slab of dripping purple meat
Cut a juicy drumstick throw away the feet
Put it in your luncheon pail covered with a lid
Send it over U.S. mail serve it to the kids

The blood is sweet the meat is tough
It looks like one just ain't enough
So come back soon and spread the word
Next week we're gonna kill Big Bird

(c) 1990 by Kirk Madison & Lewis D'Aubin

I sit atop a hill
Quivering for the kill
Death is my master and bloodlust my only thrill
I see my enemy
He aims his bow at me
The arrow strikes my eye, my God I cannot see
The arrow took my sight
This hell is black as night
Henceforth I fight to live where once I lived to fight

Krazed Archer!

The fateful arrow struck
The fates deny me luck
My vision is impaired, my arrow's aim is fucked
I fire at the crowd
I laugh and scream out loud
The battle rages on
My comrades think me gone
I'm dying for the king, though I remain a pawn

© 1996 by Kirk Madison and Lewis D'Aubin

Fear of failure


Small part of you wants to die
But most of you wishes to live
There must be a solution to this problem
Here's some advice that I'm happy to give
The source of your consternation
Is buried deep inside of your head
Get rid of the defective part of yourself
You'd be a lot happier, if you were Brain Dead!


The vice president of the United States,
and even the president of the United States
could use


Take a nice sharpened object
A number two pencil will do
Ram it up your nose just as hard as you can
The pain goes away in an hour or two
You'll wake up in a whole new frame of mind
And then you'll know how good life can be
Now you'll be just as happy as me!
You just gave yourself a lobotomy!

LO!! BO!! TO!! MY!!!

Love Kill
(c) 1989 by Kirk Madison & Lewis D'Aubin

Hello - I want to kill you
Hello - I want to kill you

Your faceless killer with a gun or an axe or a knife
To take your life I want to kill you
To see the blood against your face
No better place to put my knife and kill you

I have a wife a son age two
When I get home I'll kill them too
But first I want to kill you

You can't escape my deadly stare
I'm everywhere
I'm below you I'm above you
I want to kill you because I love you

March of the Skeletons
(c) 1995 Kirk Madison and Lewis D'Aubin

prologue: In the beginning, there was evil.
And then, evil created good.
Then someone said, "let there be death."

The skeletons march in
The evil one approaches
Everyone has sinned
The evil one is laughing

He sees them all and they cover their eyes
He starts to laugh and they gape in surprise
He mows them down with a beam from his mind
He peels their skins like a fruit from the rind

The dead ones march around
Their ranks are closing in
They march without a sound
The rank, decaying grin

He makes them do unthinkable things
They are the pawns and he's their evil king
He steals a car and commands them to drive
He pulls the strings and they dance as if alive

"Have you the courage to stand against the evilone?"
Man: Who are you?
Evil One: Don't ask!
Man: Noooooooooooo!

The skeletons march out
You're left here on your own
The battle was a rout
You're now a pile of bones

Look at your leg, there's a femur instead
Look at your arm, then you grope for your head
There's just a skull where your face used to be
You yell at them, hey wait up for me!

(c) 1992 by Lewis D'Aubin & Kirk Madison

Born at the crack of doom it rose from the depths of hell
Voraciously devouring the minds and souls of men and women
With its deadly spell
It's reign of terror ended centuries ago entombed by stone and clay
Alive or dead if it's hungry instead pray it's not around today

Rabbid - he'll bite off your head
Rabbid - you'll wish you were dead
Rabbid - he knows where you are
Rabbid - your home or your car

A molten mind of metal it's everything you fear
Razor edge teeth of shining steel tall sharp pointed ears
It tracks your trail of terror like rats drawn to the kill
Drawing you to its darkness bloodlust its only thrill

Rabbid - he knows what you fear
Rabbid - will chew off your ear
Rabbid - he knows where you live
Rabbid - he's got pain to give

Mind of a killer head of a squirrel
If you see him coming you'll probably hurl
He'll chew off your head and spit out your brain
And then after that he'll laugh at your pain

It comes to life in the dead of night and roams the landto feed
Blood enough to satisfy any other rodent won't fulfill what this beastneeds
Drawn to the dangerous parts of town it hunts for the flesh it craves
The bloody heart it devours first each twisted skull it saves

Rabbid - hates sentient life
Rabbid - it's armed with a knife
Rabbid - will bite off your hand
Rabbid - you don't understand
Rabbid - it doesn't play fair
Rabbid - they're everywhere man

So Confuse
(c) 1987 by Lewis D'Aubin and Kirk Madison

My dog ran over a car today
I was trapped in a dark alley, it was bright as day
I turned up the volume and lost my sight
I go to school at day because my classes are at night I'm so confused

My goldfish drowned the other day
I was talking to myself and I did not know what to say
I eat from a glass and drink from a plate
I drive my car backwards so I'm always late I'm so confused

I motorized my furniture and drove it away
I was all alone and I still got laid
Erased some paper with a ballpoint pen
I met Barbie's husband, his name is Ken I'm so confused


I jumped from a plane and hit the sky
I shot a bullet in the ground and the earth died
I smell like Bullwinkle and his flying squirrel
I closed my eyes and walked around the world I'm so confused

I took a big magnet and erased my brain
I was taking a shower and went down the drain
I blew at the sky and the sun went out
I walked to a gas station and filled up my mouth I'm so confused