Lecture Photographs

Below is a selection of photographs from our lectures.
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Click here to download a film clip of a 10th-century Archer entering 1997 via the Time Door!
(Cross-platform QuickTime Movie format--about 900k)

Masters of Musical Malpractice!

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III,
Feared leader of the C.O.G.!!!

Dr. Wolfgang Amadeus Wissenschaft,
Master of psonic mayhem!

Evil Undergraduates!

Filbert Wilhelm Snodgrass,
Junior Scientist in Training

Robotic rhythm slave of the C.O.G.!

Evil Colleagues of the Consortium

Dr. Cornelius Smerlington
recipient of the Prestigious
Gold Medal

Dr. Procyon Lotor,
creator of DrumBot

Stare agog at our sickeningly high level of technology!

Another hapless victim of the
Sonic Mind Probe!!!

The Aluminator!
Amazing technology imported
from the 30th Century.

Just how much technology
can one stage hold??!?!

Witness our breathtaking mastery of time itself!

A higher form of life, imported from the 30th Century!

An archer, imported from the 10th Century!

Sorry, I thought you were somebody else!

Your brain will shudder at our mindbending scientific aptitude!!!

DrumBot always
makes it look so easy!

In the lab, hardly at work...

Suddenly, a thrilling discovery!

Our cultural depth extends into the very heart of the country!

Good 'ole Filbert

Did someone say "Free Bird?"


Brain surgery? Ha! A child could do it!

Lobotomy Class

After the Lobotomy!

There's just a skull,
where your head used to be!

Once in a great while, an experiment goes awry...

I sit atop a hill...

...Quivering for the kill...

Death is my master and
Bloodlust my only thrill!

Someday, he will graduate. Until then, he will merely ROCK OUT.

Not yet a doctor, but qualified to rock,
As it were.


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